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AA4C tire service machine tyre repair machine Manual Tire spreader KTJ-1

Minimum Order Quantity : 5pcs Price : $50.00 - $100.00/Units
Packaging Details : Carton<br>Manual Tire spreader AA-TR2 Supply Ability : 200 Unit/Units per Month Manual Tire spreader AA-TR2
Place of Origin: Shanghai, China Brand Name: AA4C
Certification: CE Model Number: KTJ-1

Detail Information

Warranty: 1 Years Product Name: Manual Tire Spreader KTJ-1
Vulcanizer: Outer Tube Vulcanizer Tire Vulcanizer: Tire Spreader
Tire Repair Machine: Tyre Spreader Tyre Vulcanizer: Tyre Repair Machine
Car Tire Vulcanizer: Truck Tyre Vulcanizer Color: Red
Material: Steel Function: Auto Tool Maintenance
Working Pressure: ≤0.4Mpa Port: Shanghai

Product Description

AA4C tire service machine tyre repair machine Manual Tire spreader AA-TR2



understanding the manual tire spreader

a tire spreader is an essential component in any tire repair or maintenance shop. it allows for the easy and accurate spreading of tires, making repairs and maintenance much more manageable. in this article, we will discuss the manual tire spreader and its benefits.

 what is a manual tire spreader?

as its name suggests, a manual tire spreader is a manually operated piece of equipment that is used to spread tires. it is typically made up of two arms that can be adjusted to various widths and an adjustable working platform where the tire sits. the spreader can be operated with a foot pedal or by turning a hand crank.

benefits of a manual tire spreader

 1. cost-effective

manual tire spreaders are often more cost-effective than automatic ones. they do not require any power supply, which means they can be used anywhere, without relying on electricity. additionally, they are often lower in price than their automatic counterparts, making them an ideal choice for small businesses or individuals looking to invest in tire maintenance equipment.

 2. easy to use

the manual tire spreader is straightforward to operate. it features a simple design that requires no complex setup or training to use. operators can quickly adjust the arms and working platform to match the width and height of the tire they are repairing.

3. saves time

a manual tire spreader saves time during tire repairs and maintenance. this equipment speeds up the process by making it easier to access areas of the tire that need attention. additionally, it eliminates the need to hold the tire open manually, which can be time-consuming and tiring.

 4. durable

manual tire spreaders are sturdy pieces of machinery built to withstand the wear and tear of regular use. most manual spreaders are also designed with heavy-duty materials that can withstand harsh environments like those found in tire repair shops.


overall, the manual tire spreader is an essential tool in any tire repair or maintenance shop. its simple design, cost-effectiveness, and durability make it a wise investment that will pay for itself over time. whether you are operating a large-scale business, small business, or even just maintaining your vehicle tires at home, consider investing in a manual tire spreader to streamline the process while ensuring maximum efficiency.

Tire spreader
manual seed spreader
Tire expander

Power supply: Air operating
Working pressure: 10Mpa


It adopts the floor structure and the operation platform can be lifted automatically.
The automatic system helps working with the oversize wheels, which is efficient and saves labor

Power supply: Air operating
Working pressure: 10Mpa.


Using the wrong tire expander could potentially damage the tire, cause air leaks or punctures, and even result in tire failure. If the tool is too large or over-expanded the tire's beads, it could cause the tire to become unseated from the rim or lead to stretching, which could cause air leaks or punctures. Additionally, if the tire is installed improperly and under too much tension, it may be at risk of developing air leaks over time. It is important to make sure you are using the correct tool for the tire you are working on to avoid any issues that could cause air leaks or other problems.

Using the wrong type of tire expander on your tire could result in damage to the tire or the wheel rim. If the tool is too small, it may not properly spread the beads of the tire, which could prevent the tire from being mounted on the rim correctly. Using a tool that is too large could over-expand the beads or cause them to stretch, which could also lead to mounting problems or even tire failure.

Additionally, using the tool improperly or with too much force could damage the tire or rim, resulting in an unsafe condition. If you are unsure which tire expander to use or how to use it properly, it's best to consult with a tire expert or professional technician.

It depends on the design of the tire expander and the type of tire being worked on. Tire expanders can be designed for use on a variety of tire sizes and types, but it is important to ensure that the tool is appropriate for the specific tire being mounted. For instance, certain tire expanders may not work well with larger tires or tires with stiff sidewalls. It's best to check with the manufacturer's instructions or consult with a tire expert to determine whether a particular tire expander is appropriate for the tire you are working on.

The benefits of using a tire expander include the following:

1. Easier tire installation: A tire expander helps to spread the beads of the tire to make tire installation more manageable. The tool makes it easier to mount the tire on the rim without the use of force, which can damage the tire or the rim.

2. Faster tire changing: By using a tire expander, technicians can mount tires onto rims more quickly, reducing the time required to change a tire.

3. Improved safety: Properly mounting the tire onto the rim is critical for safety. By ensuring that the tire is properly seated on the rim, a tire expander can help to prevent tire failures from occurring.

4. Reduce the risk of damage: When technicians use a tire expander, they are less likely to damage the tire or the rim during the tire-changing process. This reduces the risk of costly and time-consuming repairs.

5. Consistency: A tire expander can help to ensure that tires are mounted onto rims with a consistent level of force, which helps to improve tire performance and life expectancy.



AA4C tire service machine  tyre repair machine Manual Tire spreader KTJ-1 0

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